Post-Conviction Relief

If the Georgia Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals doesn’t grant you a new trial, you can file a Habeas Corpus Petition in the county where you are under sentence or being incarcerated. This is known as post-conviction relief. The hearing on the petition is held before a judge. The judge can allow you to withdraw a guilty plea or decide to give you a new trial. There are many reasons why it’s best to retain an experienced law firm like the Davis Law Firm for post-conviction relief. One of them is because there are serious time limits in filing a habeas corpus proceeding. The Davis Law Firm is experienced in these specific types of cases and will ensure you don’t miss any filing deadlines.

Attorney Benjamin Davis P.C. :Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

The grounds for post-conviction relief vary and include:

  • Evidence of perjury or witness tampering
  • New DNA samples or other forensic evidence not introduced at trial
  • Failure of the prosecutor to hand over exculpatory evidence
  • Incompetent defense attorney

Attorney Benjamin Davis of the Davis Law Firm does a full investigation for post-conviction cases. He files public records requests and investigative agency. It’s not uncommon to obtain information that was not available at trial due to restrictive discovery rules. In addition, he reviews the transcript of the trial. An investigator is hired to reinvestigate the case to determine is any evidence contradicts trial testimony or if there are witnesses whose stories have changed. If needed, he may also engage experts in the field of finger prints, DNA, ballistics or blood spatter. You can feel confident that he will lay out the grounds to justify a new trial.

Often, the prosecutor will raise procedural objections saying that our claims are repetitive, too late or have already been heard. Attorney Benjamin Davis P.C. is experienced at convincing the court that the procedural objections should be overrules. He’s an aggressive and knowledgeable Atlanta criminal defense attorney who can legally establish the merits of your case and help you navigate the post-conviction relief process. A post-conviction relief is a whole different animal than filing an appeal.

Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer: Benjamin Davis

Experience matters when it comes to post-conviction relief. It’s a process that has its own set of requirements regarding evidence, deadlines and procedural rules. It’s critical to have an Atlanta criminal defense attorney like Benjamin Davis to help leverage your case and avoid denials or delays. As a Georgia criminal defense attorney, he has represented clients in post-conviction relief at the state and federal level. Let his experience and in-depth knowledge of the post-conviction relief process work for you.

The actions of judges, prosecutors and police deserve greater scrutiny, especially in serious criminal cases where the death penalty is involved or where there has been a lengthy prison sentence. The Davis Law Firm is seasoned and has the resources to expose mistakes and errors and violations of due process.

Being convicted of a crime is a serious matter with possible lifelong consequences. Get help from attorney Benjamin Davis.