Going through a criminal trial is a daunting experience. Your fate is not in your hands. Your future freedom hinges upon hearing the words “Not guilty” at the end of the trial process. Your chances of a favorable outcome improve when you have attorney Benjamin Davis, a Georgia criminal defense lawyer, standing by your side.

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You will likely be nervous from the beginning of the proceedings, starting with jury selection, to the end when the jury returns its verdict. Although each case is unique, there is a process they all follow after the jury has been selected and impaneled.

  • Opening statements: Each side gives an opening statement to the jury. This is not an argument, but an overview of what evidence will be presented and what it is expected to prove or disprove. A criminal defense attorney will generally have a choice of whether to give an opening statement right after the prosecution or to wait until the close of the prosecution’s case, just before presenting the defense case.
  • Presentation of the case: This is when witnesses are presented. The side that calls the witness gets to ask questions first in what is called direct examination. The opposing party then asks questions in what is called cross-examination. If one side thinks the questions are improper, or that the evidence should not be presented, the attorney will object and the judge will rule on the objection.
  • Closing statements: These are given at the end of the case after all the evidence has been presented. The purpose is to sum up the case and discuss the evidence presented and its meaning. The prosecutor goes first and the defense attorney responds. The prosecutor gets a final chance to rebut statements made by defense counsel during his closing statement.
  • Jury deliberations: This occurs when the jury goes to the deliberation room and discusses the case and reviews the evidence. These are always secret. After the jury has given its decision and been dismissed by the court, jurors may choose whether or not to talk about the case to the press or to the attorneys involved.
  • The verdict: The verdict is the final decision of the jury which must be unanimous. It is either “Guilty” or “Not guilty.” If jurors cannot agree among themselves what the verdict will be, the judge will declare a mistrial based on a hung jury. If this happens, you may face a retrial.

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